Sunday, September 11, 2011

Granny Circle


Lately, I am loving the white doily, but I have such a creeping dread of ending up in a dusty house (full of cats, of course) with plastic flowers everywhere, a gigantic bottle of orange mouthwash beside the sink, and a doily on every flat surface. 


No worries here; this simple and modern take on granny’s doily collection is so perfect.  The worsted yarn makes it much less fussy, and though I admit to being gobsmacked by the delicate handwork in those teeny crochet doilies and I can’t imagine being able to see well enough anymore to accomplish one, it just isn’t my thing.  This pattern is from Whit at The Purl Bee (oh my, I do love that place) and actually, it’s a placemat, which means I can make another—but only one more, because my table is so small that even three will overlap each other.  Cozy living!