Sunday, September 25, 2011

Success or Failure? I can’t tell.


I am loving this look in a major way, and a quick analysis of my thrift-store/bargain bin/rudderless melange of clothes collection reveals that I am completely hopeless at dressing myself.  Not that I don’t know exactly what I want to wear—I do, believe me, and if I could find any of it, I would look incredible, every day.  Now, I’m thinking to myself, could I make my own cargo pants?  The answer to that, of course, is no way.  I can make a t-shirt, though! 


Oh, jersey knit fabric.  Why are you so unruly?  Simple enough, this plain little design, just a few pieces to stitch together.  It got so hilarious.  Every seam I attempted—even with the sewing machine manual in one hand, the special stretchy jersey seam stitch machine setting activated, the special machine needle in place, and lots of careful pinning, I could not sew this fabric.  It just wouldn’t let me sew it!  I finally had to leave the edges raw.  I will probably not be wearing this perfectly adorable tee anywhere where people might see me.  It just looks totally homemade.  100_8602a

It turned out really well/awful.  It’s a great little pattern and it fits beautifully. But.  I want to topstitch that bodice join so badly, but…I can’t.  I want to turn under that neckline hem, but I can’t.  It’s a beautiful fit, but I’ll never wear it.  As an aside, what the heck is that print?  It looks animal-ish, but it also kind of looks like alphabet soup.  I feel like if I squint at it, I’ll decode a hidden message.

If you have better luck with jersey fabric and you want to make this tee, the free pattern is here