Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pink Cardigan


There’s another new sweater in my closet.  You know how, sometimes, things just go totally according to plan, and you have all the right yarn and the pattern is easy to memorize and the exact buttons you hoped you’d find turn up, right there in the button jar, right when you need them?  Yeah.  That didn’t happen with this sweater.  In fact, this sweater is the opposite of that.  I had to rip back twice because something on the TV distracted me and the cables went weird.  Those cute buttons?  There were only three of them, so if my bellybutton gets cold, there will be no help for it, none.  And the yarn, which I bought all at once, in the same store, and from the same bin, is not all the same. 


Would you believe me if I told you I did not notice that until it was actually finished and blocking?  I know. 


I’m trying really hard to love it.  Okay, it’s a wooly cardigan, right?  There is almost nothing cozier than that.  (Let’s check the list:  wooly socks, wooly hats, hot cocoa, hugs from your grandma, wooly cardigans…) Yes.  It is the color of Bazooka bubblegum the inside of your mouth a peony.  The three-button effect is very fashionable, too, leaving the long fronts to flare open in a casual, insouciant way.  As if to say, I just threw this on, I don’t even care what I wear.  The bizarre multi-toning could be thought of as a design feature.  An intentional, ombre effect.  Yes, yes!  It’s working!


Oh, odd little mis-dyed sweater.  You will not go to the Goodwill.  You will keep me cozy this winter.  You will make me want to bake cookies and wash the floors and be a good person.  I can tell that about you. 

I should own up to the fact that the pattern is mine, my usual top-down raglan.  I borrowed the cable panel pattern from here [Ravelry link].  Heck, I guess it does actually fit.  The button thing—yeah, that was just lazy.