Saturday, October 1, 2011

Through the Woods Cowl


How’s this for cozy?  This is the Through the Woods cowl [Ravelry link] by Kalurah, and it does kind of make me want to load up a basket full of goodies and head into the woods, bound for Grandmother’s house.  It’s perfectly cuddly, and also a little spooky—I think that effect is being heightened by the insane weirdness of the Alien Head—but you can probably see this, like I can, worn with a long black cape by an otherwise shapeless figure carrying a guttering lantern and disappearing into a shadowy forest.  Brrr! 


I love how dramatic it is.  This cowl has got a mysterious secret, a secret that could be dangerous. This cowl has got a gothic backstory, and angst, and maybe a boyfriend who has a crazy wife in the attic.   Wear with caution!