Monday, October 3, 2011

Vintage Hats and a Curtain


We ventured into the thrift stores this weekend.  Usually, I avoid them in the fall, since thrifting at Halloween time is like going to the mall at Christmas, which I also hate like the plague, but there was a need in the family for some costume pants, so off we went, and lo!  Looky there!   Chucked in with the plastic Darth Maul masks and popsicle green curly wigs was a little collection of vintage ladies hats!  I was a happy girl, I can tell you.  Look at this one:


That one has a label that says, “Oscar de la Renta” which doesn’t mean it didn’t just come from Macy’s or anything, but isn’t that big glob of posies just delectable?  My teenage son was a little bit appalled since I’d already bought a pair of burgundy heels that he thought were pretty ugly and he was afraid I would be wearing this chapeau around to the grocery store and whatnot, and whoa, do I kind of wanna, but for two bucks, I’m happy just to look at it.  Sweet old lady, thanks for your hats.  I love them.

More and more, my lovely, airy, light-filled workroom is resembling a junk shop, as I chock it full of things like this.  But I looooooove it! 

I did make something over the weekend: 


A plain, white, muslin curtain.  Try not to keel over from the excitement.  In truth, I made four of these—no, eight, since the first four were kind of skimpy and I decided to redo them.  While I was pressing and sewing the forty straight seams on the plain white cotton fabric, I realized something—I actually don’t want any curtains, and I’m really tired of making them.  I wouldn’t even be able to guess how many sets of plain white cotton curtains I have made for this house; how much boring plain white cotton muslin I have ironed and sewn.  I use muslin because, apart from sheer curtains (I’ve had those too, and what’s the point of a curtain if the people going by on the street can still see you?) they are the least there curtains I can think of.  Having curtains on the windows make my rooms feel shrouded.  No, it’s cozy!  Right?  I go back and forth on this one all the time.  What do you think?  100_8627a

Maybe if I add a crocheted lace trim to the bottom edge?  Hmmm.