Thursday, October 6, 2011

The X’s have it

I am fully captivated by cross-stitch right now.  As usual, not being satisfied with just one project of a kind at a time, I went on a link-following bender, starting here which made me swoon (Radish’s Mum!  You’re so right!) and then across the blogs to feeling stitchy, into the shiny happiness of this, finally landing in the brazen and beautiful cross-stitch underworld, like here.  And this blew my mind. Whoa, you guys!  I had no idea.  The internet is a marvelous place.  These are not the teddy bears, nor the endless variations of Home Sweet Home, nor the wise and/or witty sayings I remember about cross stitch. This is edgy, daring, modern, brave, fantastic.  I felt so much cross stitch love that I crafted a special Cross Stitch Project Zip Bag, even using up a chunk of my precious Denyse Schmidt fabric for the lining. 
I’ll never stop being amazed at all the different ways a person can make something wonderful with just needles and string.

edited:  I got too chicken and took down one of the links.  I laughed, but it wasn't cozy.