Sunday, December 4, 2011

Circus Tent Pillow


This stripy, holiday-at-the-seaside pillow is probably going to be the first of many I will make, in lots and lots of different colorways, piling them around the house with breathless abandon, little caring that (as I’ve mentioned before) what we really don’t need around here is a few more pillows.  But, as you can see, they are fantastic!  How can you stop with just one, I’d like to know? 


The pattern is Wheel of Colour Cushion by Jane Brocket, from her book The Gentle Art of Knitting (though I think there must be a few versions of this pattern out there, even vintage ones, since this design has been around awhile.)  I cribbed the colors from Jane, too, so enchanting are the photos in the book.  I had one of those moments where I just wanted everything in that picture.  I know you know what I mean.


It’s an easy pattern, simple to memorize, and then it’s the perfect project to work on as you find the time.  There will be a lot of ends on the back, but I was rebellious and didn’t weave any of mine in.  I know!  Lightening may strike me at any time.   Well, who’s going to see them, right? 

It’s been the best week—my extremely talented son played the role of Mr. Applegate in a local community theater production of Damn Yankees, and I am just as proud as pumpkins. Bravo! 


The last month has been a tornado of rehearsals, and organizing programs, and publicity, and I took on the very exacting task of putting out the homemade cookies during intermission.  Tough duty, that.  Now I just have to wash the red hairspray out of all his shirts and then get back to work.