Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fair Isle Wrist Warmers


So the other day, I brought home the movie Crazy Stupid Love.  First of all, whoa, Ryan Gosling?  I did not know about him, but I do now, yessir.  This shall now be known as the Time After I Found Out About Ryan Gosling.  At also roughly the same time, I brought home the pattern for these wrist warmers, and then I tried to put the two together.  Well, all I can say is I was so fully distracted by that stunning chunk of humanity that is Ryan Gosling that I did not notice that I had knit the whole first wrist warmer backwards.  Maybe upside down?  I don’t know, but the purple part was green and the green part was purple, which seems like it wouldn’t matter, and it didn’t until I got to the chart, which of course required a tad more concentration and so was knitted correctly, as in the purple part was purple and the green part was green.   I had the whole thing done, and I kept peering at it, and the colorwork section, which was right, just looked so weird, but I could not see the problem until after the movie was over and I had sighed a deep, contented sigh because I have now found Ryan Gosling.  Then my head cleared and my vision unclouded and I saw the mistake.  I just slapped my forehead, Three Stooges-style, tore it all out and started over.  What else are you gonna do, right? 


I had two perfect vintage buttons in my stash (I just love it when that happens) and sewed them on.  Then it rained for a week and it was as dank and cheerless as a dungeon in the house.  I really would like to learn to take lovely photographs, even when the sky is black and filled with doom.  Must find a class somewhere. 


I’m not sure what the point of wrist warmers is, since my wrists are rarely the part of me that gets cold.  Wearing fingerless mittens always makes me feel like Jo March, huddled in a chilly attic room working hard at something artistic, suffering a little.  Cold fingers clicking away, meager fire in the grate.  Only I will be huddling at my trusty Bernina, hopefully finishing a linen pencil skirt.  Hopefully.  If I can tear myself away from the Christmas movies.  Tim Allen, you are the very best Santa Claus, the very best.