Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lovely chaos



I have two hundred of these now, which is halfway to the goal.  As you can see, I haven’t been pacing myself.  I just love to make these in big gulps of a dozen or more at a time, and I’m not sure its even busting the stash, either, since I keep finishing other things and then adding more yarn to the basket.  The Woodstock Blanket scraps alone almost doubled the pile.  I’ve started thinking about which color to use for the joining rounds, and although I had mostly decided on white already, seeing this sealed the deal.  Anna Maria talked about it a few days ago, which led me to Sandra Juto’s lovely blog, and then I got all fired up about this blanket.  Maybe I can’t just make a few squares here and there?  I might not be able to do that, I might be the kind of girl who just has to fling herself into things until they’re done.  It’s not really the worst problem to have.

I don’t know if this kind of thing happens to you all at Christmas:


This is a picture of the inside of my brain.  Patterns, yarn, failed mittens (the brown tweed) and a few other half-baked ideas are just everywhere, and never have I been more grateful to have a dedicated work room, otherwise all this would be on the kitchen table and we’d be eating off our laps on paper plates. 


Part of me hates the chaos of this, all the jumble of stuff that isn’t put away, and part of me loves it, loves the spread-out creativity.  Being able to see it all at once is kind of nice.  It also makes me want to get cracking.  So much to doooo!