Monday, January 30, 2012

Endless Saturday Socks


Surely a lot of people have had this idea.  If you’re a sock knitter, you have almost assuredly thought of doing this:


When the sock yarn leftovers basket reached critical mass, I thought I had it figured out.  But when the tweedy linen stitch scarf did not deplete the pile in any noticeable way, I had to try something else.  I had to get clever.  I decided to do what I have really been planning to do from the beginning:  make a whole bunch of stripey socks.  But here’s me being a genius, are you ready?  I will not stop with two socks, oh no.  There will be no pairs.  There will just be a whole bunch of socks, a big pile of unmatched but sort of related socks, meant to be worn in a mismatched way.  The socks will just keep on a-coming until the yarn gives up the fight.  It could take quite awhile, and I am in no hurry.  I am digging in for a long siege on this one.  It’s just me and my needles vs. the sock yarn leftovers, and if another ball of leftovers goes into the basket—and it will—I will not be discouraged; I will simply keep knitting until I win. 


Everyone who saw these while they were in progress said, “You know, you can buy them this way now, mismatched like that.”  I am so trendy. 


To make these, I cast 60 stitches on my favorite US 1 dpns and work 10 rounds of k2, p2 ribbing.  Then switch to another color and work 10 rounds.  There are nine color sections of ten rounds in the leg.  Then I switch colors again and make an 18 sl st heel flap/turn heel, switch colors again, and keeping the 10-round thing going, work the gusset decreases until I’m back to 60 stitches.  Then I work five more color sections (eight total in the foot) and then switch colors again for the toe.  That’s the nitty gritty, in case you want to take this and run with it. 


I think victory is already mine.  Look at all that stripey goodness!