Friday, January 27, 2012

Ruffle Rayon Scarf, a failure


Is it fair of me to blog about something that’s already in the dumpster?  I don’t know.  This project had so much promise, but I should’ve known the minute I cut into this fabric that it would end badly. 


You might be looking at it, wondering what could have gone so wrong that I have already thrown it in the trash? 


See it now?  It’s the “Make-Your-Own-Fun-Fur Scarf”!  It shouldn’t have been this way, but I failed to heed the directions, which very clearly stated that I should choose a fabric that wouldn’t fray.   Oh, what’s a little fraying among friends, right?  Well, you see there.  It looks like a wig for your neck!  It wasn’t even the extra-hairy appearance of the scarf, either, that was the biggest problem, it was that if I wore it, or actually if I even touched it, it shed all over me and I looked like I’d been wrestling polar bears.  Little teeny hairs of rayon just flew off this thing.  There was a cloud of them.  They were in my hair and in my mouth.  They fully coated the work room, and everything I made for a week afterwards had strings of rayon all over it. 


This could have been awesome, if I’d listened.  I think the right fabric choice would still make this a great scarf.  I don’t know.  I might try again.  The pattern, if you feel like taking a crack at this thing, is in the super-clever book Fabric-by-Fabric: One Yard Wonders.   Seriously, look for a fabric that doesn’t fray very much.  Really.