Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trim spool

Since I’m in as big a hurry to get out of trouble as the next guy, I think I’ll just get busy and show you something cute:


Here’s where it becomes apparent that my photography skills are sorely lacking.   I don’t know how to style a wooden spool so it looks awesome, I just know how to make it bigger.  Too bad there isn’t a bunch of incredible detail there for you to feast your eyes on.  (Feel free to print this out in poster size if you want, though, I think that would look great over your couch…)


This was another one of those four-second projects that would’ve taken me twelve seconds if I’d had more wooden spools.  Amy at Nana Company made some awhile ago (I just tried to find a link for you and failed) and I loooooved them.  I went right away riffling through my boxes.  A couple quick circles of scrapbook paper applied with Mod Podge (oh Mod Podge, I really do love you) and a little end bit of rick rack, and it’s done! 

Sweet little things like this remind me of something I saw awhile ago in this book by Cath Kidston, which I loved so much:  she uses a pretty old china teacup to scoop her laundry soap powder.  I saw that and just went YES!  Why not, right?  Those gorgeous little cups are less than a dollar in the thrift store, and who cares if they have a chip or two, and then your laundry day is made a tiny bit happier.  I just love that.  I think these spools (and these from Liberty ooooooh!) are like that, too.  I think I’d like to hunt down some thinner spools (so more will fit on it) and do this for all my trims, isn’t it lovely?  Make your life sweet, wherever you can.