Thursday, February 9, 2012

Caravan Hexagon Boots


I can’t even tell you how many times I have sat here in the living room with bare feet and wished I’d put on a pair of socks.  “You should go get some socks on,” says Dean, looking at my purpling toes.  “Yeah, I should,” I always say, not getting up.  I’d put on my slippers, but since I wear those everywhere, including sometimes when going outside to the chicken coop, I have to keep them off the white couch. 

So I was having a flick through Ravelry the other day, just browsing “granny squares” because I frankly love to look at granny square projects, when I suddenly saw these and time stood still for a minute.  I needed a pair of those in the most desperate way.  There was a flurry of yarn as I tore through the cupboard and then ten gorgeous hexagons were born.  That was the easy part. 


The original pattern (here) only calls for six hexagons to make ankle-length booties, which are cute but I wanted boots, baby!  I wanted spectacular!  Outrageous!  The inspiration boots had no accompanying notes for modifications, so I had to figure them out as I went, by studying the photo.  There was a lot of ripping back and a lot of re-doing. 


These are just for wearing while hanging around the house.  (Note to self:  they are not for wearing into the chicken coop.)  They are customized blankets for my feet.  This is a pair of hot pink and scrappy visible symbols of my purely lazy nature—I do not like to get up off the couch, leaving the fireside and the warm room and go get a pair of socks.  Now there is no longer any need, these are right here! 


Now everything looks like it could be made up of hexagons.  The sky is the limit.