Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Knitter: a crochet story


I finally, suddenly, had 400 little three-round grannies (oh, how lovely they look, all piled together in their neat stacks!  I love them.  I want to take them out to dinner.  I want to smooth their bangs and hem their pants and teach them about life.)  It’s time to join them together, and I’ve had so many brilliant suggestions about which color to use for the joining round.  Lots of you, including a few people who have never been wrong yet about color, have suggested I should go with a lovely pale gray, but I can’t, and here’s why:



I already have a gray-bordered granny square blanket.  (For the record, I also have a red one, you may remember the ice blue one, and I also have a chocolate brown one I haven’t even mentioned yet.  The granny sickness is fully upon me.)

This was my first granny square blanket, made back when I was a Knitter.  Not just a knitter, like I am now, but a Knitter, and one who didn’t understand the crazy impulses of others to use hooks and scraps and orange yarn.  In my life as a Knitter, I once had occasion to be the owner of three skeins of Cascade 220 in bubblegum pink, and could not, for the life of me, imagine what I might ever do with it.  Really.  In my life as a Knitter, I had a big stash cupboard full of yarn that was either gray or brown or cream, or some variant of those colors.   I don’t want to suggest that I wasn’t happy as a Knitter, but I will say that having both needles and hooks in my life has made me a much more fulfilled girl.  I still knit things, lots of things, and I am still probably mostly a knitter, but I am not, any longer, a Knitter.  Once, I would never have entertained the idea that crocheting a blanket might be worth my time, even though I loved crocheting as a child.  It just wasn’t on my radar. 

Then came Alicia, who made these granny squares, and my mind opened a crack, and I found myself at the yarn shop buying four bags of yarn in every color.  And so it began. 

All of which is to say that I have decided, in my arbitrary way, to use white as the joining color for this new scrappy, motley, super-colored granny blanket.   I think there really, in the end, were too many different colors in this thing for me to be able to make a non-gray choice.  White was the original intent anyway, and as I said before, seeing this really sealed it.


Progress is slow—good grief, there’s almost as much crocheting left to do as I have done already!  But there’s me with my hook, and I am happy.