Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crocheted Dishtowels


Good grief, check out that wrinkly tablecloth.  I am such a slob.  Actually, I’m a slob who craves order, but I just can’t get it together to make it happen.  Please, housework?  Come on, I’m too busy crocheting!  Well, what does a lazy girl with extremely lax housekeeping inclinations do with a bunch of cotton yarn?  Why, she crochets herself some kitchen towels she can use to wipe up stuff!  Nobody guessed this was a towel, although you all did give me a whole bunch of good ideas for other things I can crochet instead of ironing the tablecloth.  Woot!


Yes, I have crocheted a dishtowel.  Here it is, photographed in what will be its natural habitat.  Don’t look too closely at the dinged-up refrigerator; I raised baby animals and toddlers in this kitchen and I’ve got the teeth marks to prove it. 


I loooove it, isn’t it pretty?  So stripey!  Here’s how it happened: I want to make blankets all the time.  Blankets are so much fun!  So cozy!  There are so many inspiring blankets out there, and I can hardly keep a lid on the temptation to keep starting new blankets and jeez, how many blankets can a girl have going at once, anyway?  I have two at the moment, and another one is all queued up—and that’s not to mention all the other countless piles of stuff in progress—so when my greedy eyes in wide-eyed perusal of this now-famous book landed on a photo of a crocheted dishtowel draped artfully on a stove handle, well, it just rang all my bells.  It’s like a blanket, only not.


I got out my cotton yarns (this towel is all KnitPicks, either Comfy or Shine Sport) and made a mini blanket, using Lucy’s ripple pattern.  While I was at it, I made this, too:


That’s the catherine wheel pattern from this book by Sasha Kagen, and the yarn is “I Love This Cotton!”  (that’s the best name—why beat around the bush, really, right?  No link for that one, though; it’s like crocheting with glue)  and Jo Sharp Soho Cotton DK (which has a weird, string-like quality.)   


There will be more of these.  My mind is whirling with them.  They make my beat-up kitchen look so great!