Sunday, March 18, 2012



I’m almost done with this.  Just a few more rows to go…just a’s so white…whiiiiteeee…zzz.  It’s getting a little tedious, this incredible amount of Just White crocheting, the joining rounds.  Truthfully, the tedium of the endless miles of white rounds entirely lacks the pizzazz of grannying. 

It is going to be So Worth It, though, because wow…I love it so much.  I keep negotiating with myself about it.  Maybe sixteen rows is enough?  Hmm?  C’mon, this thing is huge…then I throw it across the bed to see if it’s big enough, and it really isn’t.  Maybe eighteen rows is enough?  I know I’m just going to start another granny blanket about .24 seconds after I finish this one, so I don’t know what the big hurry is. 

The truth is, I lack focus. 


I started this last night while watching a lot of episodes of Portlandia on Netflix. 


We have a territorial male cardinal who keeps attacking his reflection in the kitchen window.  Note to self:  print scary photo of Shel Silverstein to hang as deterrent.


It seems like it’s always sunny on Sunday.  Weird, no?


Dean baked homemade chocolate cupcakes yesterday.  With cream filling.  And chocolate ganache.  I cried with happiness. 






I love coffee.  It’s warm outside!  Have you seen The Quilts of Gee’s Bend?  (Whoa, more on that later). Laundry, roof repairs, car wash, dog bath, mop floors, yardwork, chicken house, school event, library books….  Haha, heehee, ho ho! 

Blanket!  Focus! 


No, not that one! 


That’s the one.  Eyes on the prize.