Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Clothespin Bag and a Moment of Terror



I really love my back yard.  This is my clothesline and, behind it, my antique roses.  Look:


I know everybody’s seen roses, but I am wildly in love with these, even though the thorns are completely vicious.  A few weeks ago, one of them stabbed me as I was weeding, and it made my knuckle swell up like a golf ball, but that misery did not diminish my admiration for this rose or any of its sisters:


That one is called “Fantin Letour” and it smells so delectable—I had a quick impulse to take a bite out of it.  The buds are striped.  I know, right? 

Anyway, between fresh strawberries and the single annual blooming of these roses, June is really the most delicious month of the year.  So I spend a lot of time in the yard if I can, and I hang my laundry out whenever possible, and the clothespin bag situation (storing them in a pile in the grass at the base of the clothesline?) finally got too ridiculous, so I spent fifteen minutes making a bag for them.


Yes, the utility crafts continue.   This is made from a scrap of outdoor fabric leftover from my chair cushions, and the design idea came from here, where she used a placemat (brilliant!)  I would totally have used a placemat if I’d had one, but I had this fabric, so I used it.  I folded four layers of it together for sturdiness, and it worked great. 


I love things that make my life easier and more lovely.  In fact, I think that’s why I do everything I do.

Relevant to neither the laundry nor the roses, but to the backyard in general, last night as we all four sat convivially around the patio table in the glow of the fairy lights, having a happy debriefing about our various days and watching the fireflies and I was enjoying a glass of Cab Sauv, suddenly there was a HUGE rustling in the bushes, and snapping of sticks and we all just froze for a terrified minute.  I said, “It’s probably the cat,” and the boy said, “No, he’s in the house.”  Then the rustling was closer, and the branches were cracking and snapping, and Dean suddenly jumped up, and that’s when I lost it and yelled, “CHUPACABRA!” and all four of us ran screaming for the house.  When we reached the safety of the kitchen, we looked at each other and fell apart laughing.  These people are the best.