Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yarn Bombing at Home





I yarn-bombed myself.  I know!  Isn’t it wonderful?  I love the idea of this so much, this draping of trees and fence posts and light poles with knitting and crochet.  I don’t know whether everybody gets the same kick out of it as I do, though, so I kept it in my own garden, which means I can see it every day from my breakfast table.  The big pieces are all abandoned blanket projects, and the little motifs are my efforts to figure things out, sometimes by looking at a picture, sometimes by reading a Japanese chart.  I use those as color studies, too. 

There are still so many of these little bits and pieces around here.  I still want to do the chicken house, and maybe also my bike, if I’m feeling brave.  I suspect I already have a little bit of a weird reputation, what with my homemade clothes and striped socks and everything, so what’s a little more crochet, after all? 

While I was crouched under the crabapple tree sewing pieces of knitting to its branches, my teenage son walked over and, without so much as a raised eyebrow, not so much as an ironic pause, said, “What’s for dinner?”  I said, “You’re not even going to comment?  You don’t find this unusual?  I’m cozying a tree!” He just shrugged.  Nothing I do anymore surprises them.

I loved all your excellent suggestions about what to do with my scraps.  So many good ideas were flowing, all around, which is what I love best about blogging.  Thanks for being here with me.