Monday, July 23, 2012

Bobble-fringe pillow and the weekend


It was one of those weekends I need a vacation from.  You know what I mean?  So full of (wonderful, fun) things, but we got hardly any sleep and the house is completely trashed.  When a basket full of unfolded laundry starts to feel like part of the decor, it might be time to take a minute.  There was little, if any, sitting on the couch, but in anticipation of the possibility, I did find time to make this swirly, ball-fringed pillow cover.  It seems like we have enough pillows already, but every time I see one of those gorgeous magazine photos of a white couch covered in pillows, I just have to start sewing. 


Materials are:  one piece of lime-green-with-a-hint-of-mustard upholstery fabric from the remnant bin, one feather pillow insert from the thrift store (obsessively washed and dried on hot a few times) and a length of bobble-fringe from the crafty thrift store. 


It’s a thrift store with nothing for sale except crafts supplies!  I know!!!  I find it hard not to go totally overboard in there, what with the oilcloth and the vintage fabrics and buttons, and this whole thingy of bobble-fringe, practically for free.  Thank you, crafty thrift store, I love you. 

There was a 5K (not for me, are you crazy?) but for the doctor…


…who couldn’t leave the house until he found his lucky shorts, and then we picked blueberries and then there was a ceremonial sing-along about the war of 1812 (what? I know) and then we were in a parade (fairy tale costumes, 90 degree heat, and the parade we were in was already going past us while we were still stapling fake flowers to the float—“there’s still time, let’s go!”—being towed the wrong way down the road by a tractor, to the bemused stares of the confused onlookers as my teenage and adult children, dressed as pirates, engaged in sword battles with rubber cutlasses, taking it in turns to theatrically die) and then three performances of an operetta (cookies for dinner) and late to bed every single night. 


I have an appointment with my new pillow, I think.  Zzzzzz.