Saturday, August 4, 2012

What to do with a messy life


The greatest thing in my life is that I have two fantastic kids who seem to want to hang out with me, and one really wonderful husband who sings opera in the shower, and a kitty who lets you snuggle him on the belly with your face, and a dog who won’t go to bed without two hugs and a story, but sometimes, you know what?  It’s pretty messy.  All those gorgeous people just leave a lot of stuff lying around and all those beautiful animals put down a lot of muddy footprints and hair.  So I clean, all the time, and it sometimes feels so endless, and I finish sweeping one room, move on to the next, and by the time I get back, somebody’s got their feet up on the white couch (I know, what was I thinking getting a white couch?) licking popcorn salt off their fingers.  It’s a blessing, really, because they’re all here in my house and I adore them, but I do spend a lot of quality time with my cleaning products. 


So then why have I been using ratty pieces of old towels and (I swear this is true) the last of the cloth diapers (my youngest child is 17) when I could be polishing the faucet with something pretty?  There is always room in my life for more lovely things, especially things with which I am so often engaged, so, inspired again by Lucy at Attic24, I stitched up some flowered flannel into cleaning rags.  Yes, I have made some rags.  Each one is just two 10” x 10” squares, stitched wrong-sides together and then turned and topstitched.  Much nicer.  Bring on the dirt.