Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Scarborough Faire Tunic



The day after Alicia posted about the beginnings of her wonderful Nomad dress and sent me over the edge again, I was wandering around in the thrift shop and there, between the white wicker bathroom shelves and the electric hair rollers, I found the pattern for this tunic.  For 69 cents. 


It is McCalls 4031, dated who knows when.   With a little teeny bit of math, combined with eyeballing (usually the best method anyway) I converted it to patchwork and raided my stash of vintage and thrifted fabrics to make this.  That big roll of cotton lace trim is also thrifted.   (Really, what isn’t at this point?)   I had to add a tie at the back, to avoid looking like a total circus tent, and then it became perfect. 


I love it, but I’m not sure…maybe a little too much Mrs. Roper?  Dean said it looked like “peasant going to the festival” and I just took that and ran with it.  If you could sum me up right now, it might be in that sentence fragment.  Peasant Going to Festival.  So picture me with long (ha) blonde (haha) braids and a flower-covered tambourine, dancing barefoot in a field of clover, tipsy on elderberry wine and humming Joni Mitchell songs.  That’s what this shirt is for, even though I’ll probably just wear it to the hardware store where they’ll look at me funny. 


Sometimes, I just love to make clothes.