Sunday, September 16, 2012

Zinnia Pillow Cover

Again with the scraps.  Wait, I just thought of this:  I don’t know why they don’t sell little teeny balls of worsted weight yarn in a whole bunch of colors, like 25 yards of everything (I know I’d buy those by the bagful)--somebody, quick, jump on this idea, and then send me the link to your etsy shop--but I am in the happy position of having made so many blankets that I have a lot of scraps, in lots of colors.  I once thought I should probably use those up, since they were adding up fast and it was making me feel bad, but now I know how lovely, how really creatively wonderful it is to have a generous palette like that at my disposal.  (I’m serious, I think this is a great business idea.  Little balls of yarn, scraps for sale. Take it, it’s yours!)
So, the zinnia pillow cover (pattern here).  I didn’t know whether it would be a pillow cover or a blanket or a bag or what, until I reached 25 squares and sort of felt like I was over the whole thing and my wrists hurt, which is what happens when you do almost the entire project in one day while listening to an audiobook of Anna Karenina (can you believe I’ve never read that?  I know, I can’t either!) and by the time I’d decided that I both love and hate Vronsky, which actually isn’t much of a decision, but he’s a charming cad, isn’t he, I was just ready to be done with it—the zinnia pillow cover, that is, and it (I knew it would) looks just like zinnias.  Gorgeous summer flower, I miss you already.