Friday, December 28, 2012



Post-holiday, my thoughts turn to de-cluttering.  We are somewhat short on square footage here at the Cozy Things cottage, and in direct proportion to the number of college students in residence, the stuff, especially the bathroom counter stuff, begins to multiply. 

What do I do?  I fight back with knitting! 


These are the Stripey Washbags (which sounds like an inventive insult along the lines of so’s your old man, and which is also a good name for a band—the Hilton/Bloomington is pleased to welcome The Stripey Washbags!) from this book.  You hang them on the doorknob and then fill them with all the loose stuff that gathers around the sink; brushes and hair ties and contact lens solution and toothpaste.  Brilliant!  


Hopefully, these will help keep us from turning completely feral.  The end of the year is so indolent around here, with cookies for breakfast and too much tv, and there’s always someone scavenging in the kitchen, and I got so lazy yesterday that I forgot about a dentist appointment (Kath, I’m so sorry!  I will reschedule!) and thank goodness that always ends in a burst of renewed motivation to Get It Together for the new year.  Starting now, with washbags.  Tidy that bathroom.