Thursday, January 3, 2013

Striped Leftovers Scarf


More plain knitting, because that’s just what I want to do right now.  (I’m also working on Atelier by Heidi Kirrmaier, which is adorable and clever, and which does have some plain knitting, but which is somehow requiring a lot of me at the moment.)  Anyway. 


This scarf is one enormously satisfying project.  Plain knitting + using up the leftovers + something beautiful purchased at Purl Soho (oh squeal, I love Purl) = one cozy scarf and a happy me.


This is one of those things that’s more a recipe than a pattern, and I’ll tell you what I did and then you can do what you do with it.  You will need about 500 yards of fingering weight yarn in a solid color.  If you want yours to look like mine, you can use Spud and Chloe Fine Sock  in “Tutu” (you’ll need two), and if you want the added bonus of having that yarn feel really special, you can get it on your pilgrimage to Purl when you visit New York.  (Make sure you take it on the Staten Island Ferry, and go out onto the open deck at the back where the wind will just about tear the bag from your arms and into the harbor.  Just about, but not quite.  You’ll feel like you’ve rescued the yarn at that point, and it will want to sit in the cupboard for a long time being special, but don’t let it.)  You’ll also need a big bag of sock yarn leftovers in a whole bunch of colors.  The more colors the better.  This is the place to use up those last little bits. 


With the solid, cast on about 80 (90?  100?  whatever is about double the finished width you want) stitches and knit two rows in stockinette stitch.  Join any one of the various beautiful sock yarn bits and knit two rows in stockinette.  Knit two more rows in solid.  Two more rows of leftover bits.  Two solid.  Two bits.  Etc.  When the remnant of colorful yarn bit runs out or you get sick of it, cut it and start another one, knitting it always in two row intervals, alternated with the solid.  Watch subtitled movies.  Look people in the eye.  Gaze pensively out the window at the falling snow.  Carry on conversations with your family that don’t include “Shh, I’m counting!” and “Wait, what?” 


When it’s long enough—measure this by trying it on, of course—end with two rows in solid for symmetry and then bind off.  Sew it up at the ends and up the long side, and then (please) give it a nice blocking with a steam iron.   Now it is double-thick (yum) and super-soft (because this is sock yarn) and stripey and colorful and trendy (I just made that up).  Wear it with pride, and start another one immediately.  Because—and I don’t want to deceive you here--this will in no way make a dent in your sock yarn leftovers.  Sock yarn leftovers are interminable.  Sigh. 


Happily, as always, one idea leads to another.  Oh, I love yarn.