Friday, April 12, 2013

Fluffy Flower Bag, finally


Spring is so slow to come this year. So cold; sleet and freezing rain, and here’s me, still, at my (increasingly boring) cozy fireside, yarning away. I am getting so desperate to get out and plant something, anything, in the yard. I need a flower. At the moment, the only flowers are the crocheted ones.


I made this bag many months ago, figuring it out as I went along, just kind of winging the shape, ripping back when it got weird, which was a lot. At the time, I added a pair of bamboo handles, which looked snazzy but just made it the wrong length for me—too short to go over my shoulder, too long to hold in my hand. So the other day I dragged it out from under a bunch of stuff and crocheted some yarn handles for it, which is totally what it needed in the first place. I managed to find a scrap of the lining fabric I’d used, so I sewed that on the underside of the straps. Deep sigh! Now, it’s just right.


I used Paton’s Classic in a cream/taupe marl (leftover from this) holding a couple strands together to give the fabric firmness and body. The bottom is an oval, and as I began working up the sides of the bag, I increased at the oval ends over the first few rounds to give it some shape. Then it was straight single crochet all the way to the top. I added a few fluffy pink roses and some leaves, and stitched in a brown gingham lining. Done.


The wind is howling outside right now, and rain is lashing against the windowpanes. So stormy and gray. So April-ish.