Thursday, July 11, 2013

Giant Half Granny Wrap

The doctor has put a band-aid on Miss K, but the fluttery cotton poet’s tunic we made together makes me look like a pregnant grandmother.  More on that later.  This awesome granny triangle thing is way more satisfying.
Such extreme wrappiness!
It’s just what I wanted.  I miss working on it already.  How many is too many, do you think? 
This is really just a big granny triangle (here's a tutorial) worked in sock yarn.  I used a US F crochet hook, and the yarns are Cascade Heritage Silk and Louet Gems Fingering Weight (the gray only).  So.  Much.  Fun!  Why is the granny square thing so much fun to do?  People say they are addicted to this pattern, and oh, I am a believer.  I might be a granny square addict myself.  And granny triangles now, too.  I look down at my hands as I work on this, and they are just flying, they’re a happy blur of hooking.  Fabulous. 
Extra thoughts:  I had Raspberry Shortcake for breakfast, which Dean says isn’t a thing, but it totally is, since I just finished eating it.  The wild orange lilies are a profuse firework next to the old patio.  It is cool enough today to think about making soup.  Maybe Potato and Leek.  I love leeks.  The sky looks churned up and stormy, and the treetops are tossing like a ship at sea.  This summer is so different from last year, when we lolled and baked under a merciless sun, each day more stunningly tropical than the one before.  This season feels stirred up and unsettled.  I stand on the porch, looking across the orchard at the distant clouds, wondering what could be coming.