Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wraps and more wraps


Gosh, it’s hot. I don’t know why I’m so moved to make wraps right now.  No, that’s not quite true—I think it’s because they don’t have to fit anybody.  You know?  I think that’s the appeal.  It so deftly avoids that hideous moment where you put the finished thing on and then look at yourself and there’s that crushing, sinking feeling, and you think Ugh that did not work, and I am tired of that moment.  I am done dealing with that moment for the time being.  With a plain wrap, as long as the finished thing is at least vaguely triangular, I can consider it a success, put it on the pile tuck it carefully away against cooler weather, which will come soon enough, and turn immediately to the next plain and simple project. I have very basic yarn needs right now, but hoo boy, do I have them.   

You know this already, but yarn is such an effective antidote to the small, everyday aggravations of communal living—there are four boisterous adults banging around in the teeny Cozy Things cottage, along with a huge dog who sheds competitively—so unless I’m cleaning up after somebody, I am, at least currently, melting away in the shade with yarn in my lap. 

Now and then, I want to sew something, and I sorta wanted to sew something today:


Eventually, this is going to be a filmy cotton top, pattern from this book, and I made all the pattern pieces and cut it all out, from some lovely old fabric, but it’s on hold now because (scream!) my beloved Miss Kastner is on the blink.  Sob!  Her tensioning is askew, and I can’t seem to figure it out.  These poor, lovely sewing machines, they always break down on me.  I do blame myself.  Oh, the shame.  Crush, sink.  How I wish I knew more about her machinery and how it all works.  That’s something I really want to find time to learn.  Until then she patiently awaits the ministrations of the Doctor, who knows about these things. 


I guess that means more yarn.  This is going to be a huge (I really think so this time) multicolored wrap in lace weight yarn on US #4 needles.  It should take a really, really long time.  Goodness, that’s like a big deep breath to me.  Bring it on.