Thursday, September 19, 2013



I feel like I am right up in the designer’s head on this sweater, like I have somehow temporarily gained access to what was going through Yoko Hatta’s mind as she reached this point in her process.  She’d just been through the war zone that is working stranded colorwork back and forth on three huge body pieces, which is no end of fiddly, and dang if that shoulder shaping, with all its accompanying AT THE SAME TIME instructions, while purling across the wrong side with four separate balls of yarn wasn’t kind of a thrill.  She felt victorious, and brilliant, and yet, also exhausted. 


The unblocked body pieces looked like an old bathmat, and bristled with ends.  The sleeves loomed.  She thought for a long moment about the sleeves.  She took a hard look at the possibility of working sleeves in this stranded design and realized it would be unspeakable agony more visually appealing to simplify the sleeve patterning.  She considered just doing the sleeves in one color, in nice, plain, easy stockinette stitch, and was all set to cast on, but then saw that she still had this:


Which is a lot of leftovers.  And she sighed deeply.  Deeeeply. 


Of course, I’m just guessing, but that’s what I would’ve done.