Friday, September 27, 2013

When Mom Goes to Free People and Gets an Idea


Thing one:  This sweater I thrifted on the cheap is originally from J.Jill.  Check.  Thing two:  it is a beautiful grayed turquoise-ish sky blue.  Check.  Thing three:  it is silk and cashmere.  Check and CHECK.  Only, it is also both boxy (oh no) and cropped (argh).  You know how you sometimes find something at the thrift shop, and you grab it greedily and clutch it to your sweaty bosom, and you can’t even buy it fast enough, and the whole time you’re thinking, why is this amazing [fill in the blank] in the thrift shop?  and ohmigod, I am so good at spotting these bargains, can you believe it? and you buy it without trying it on because [see Things one through three, above] but then when you get it home, you find out it is both boxy and cropped?  Okay, fine, that’s what happened.DSCF3511

The sweater is so soft.  It is also so short and cropped that my armpits hang out the bottom, so after a long scrounge through Pinterest, I decided it might work to add a crocheted peplum to the hem.  I scavenged an assortment of bluish-greenish cotton crochet threads from the stash, and couldn’t pick a favorite, so I settled on three.  Why not?  Be more colorful, is what I remember somebody saying somewhere.  And anyway, there wasn’t enough of any one thing to do a whole big crocheted edging, so I had to get creative.  Also, I figured this would take me all of five minutes, so I could always redo it if it didn’t work.  Crochet Goggles.  That’s when you are so full of your own wild idea that you think you can somehow bend the time/space continuum.  Anyhoo.


I embroidered a chain stitch all the way across the bottom hem and used that as my foundation row, and was off to a great start when, six rows in, I could not kid myself anymore; that it was ruffling like a tutu, so I ripped it all out, back to the foundation row and started again with fewer stitches.  It looked so good, and I was thrilled.  I steam-blocked it to get maximum length on the crochet, and then I tried it on.   I think I thought I was going to look like Taylor Swift. 


Nope.  I looked like I was wearing something Taylor Swift gave away because it was too boxy and cropped.  The sweater is so sooooffftt!  It’s such a pretty color!  But it’s still cropped and boxy, though, and now it has a big lace hem, too.  Yeah, I dunno. 


It does look better on me than on the mannequin, which never happens. 


Either I’ll wear it all the time, or never ever.  I can’t tell which yet.  I’ll let you know.