Tuesday, December 24, 2013

In the lane, snow is glistening


Manu.  The gum color has resolved itself back into Linen Grey, and although my final product somehow lacks the zip of the designer’s original, it still makes me really happy.  It is so pleaty!  My already-wide shoulders are made linebacker-ish, and I decided to leave off the pockets, which were part of what I loved about the design, because I was afraid of adding a pair of saddlebags at the middle-age spread, and the whole thing grew with blocking and now the sleeves are extra cozy, and all that sounds like a bunch of complaints, but really, I love this sweater.  I want to make another one now, before I forget how to do the short rows, also in gray (of course.  Maybe lavender-y, or blue-ish) in a fuzzier yarn with more drape.  Something with a bunch of alpaca in it.  Oh, swoon, that would be so great.  Always gray.  You’ve gotta know your best color, and mine is gray and all its variants.


Occasionally, there is a comment about how neat the stitches look—friends, it’s all blocking.  My knitting looks like a lunch lady’s hairnet until I block it.  Blocking saves the day.  With this one, because of all these pleats at the top, which I worried would feel like I was wearing some kind of old-fashioned stole, like a big extra lot of business around the shoulders, if you know what I mean, I wet-blocked the whole garment, and then when it was mostly dry, I hung it on the dressmaker’s dummy to finish drying, so the pleats would pull out a little, and I think it worked, though that’s also the reason it grew so much in length.  Fortunately, a little extra length doesn’t perturb me. 


It’s the details that make a design like this great—the i-cord button holes and bind off, the interesting short row construction at the yoke (though mine show more than I expected they would, it seems okay) and the deliciously blousy cuffs.  Fabulous.  The i-cord bind off takes forEVER, and you’ll need every single needle in your collection, but it’s worth it.


It’s 23 degrees and snowing.  I whipped off my coat, handed him the camera, and said, “Make it fast, I’m already cold.”  As the snow was bouncing off my bare neck, I decided a close up of the buttons could wait until we came indoors.


They look like snowflakes, too.  I’m going now to bake some snickerdoodles and then put on my pjs and hang around waiting for Santa.  A cozy fire, some gentle knitting, and a cup of cheer await me.   Have a happy holiday, everyone!