Monday, March 24, 2014

Crocheted buttons

You know how, sometimes, you just can’t find the right buttons?  My mama always says that buttons can make or break your project, and I think she’s right.  I go to the fabric store, stand hopefully in front of the buttons display clutching my swatch, and kind of despair.  If I wanted stop sign buttons or flower pot buttons or teddy bear buttons, or plain white shirt buttons, or if I wanted 5/8” instead 1/2”, or if they had eight instead of six, I would have no button problems at all.  Well, when all else fails, do it yourself.  I have learned another great trick

The crocheted button.  I somehow thought these would be so complicated, but they’re not at all.   Here’s how:  Chain 12.  Turn.  Single crochet in each chain.  Fasten off and break the yarn.  Roll up the little strip you just made and sew it here and there, at the bottom.  Tie the ends together, and then use them to sew it to your sweater. 
Stuff like this just makes me feel like I’m beating the system.