Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Black yarn tests my patience


Because there is a terrific divide between the things I want to make (floor-length granny square skirts, multi-color fair isle dresses in fingering weight, ruffle-edged fuchsia alpaca coats) and the things I want to wear (plain, neutral cardigans) I am knitting a plain cardigan with black yarn in spite of its dullness, and because I am forty-six years old and my eyes don’t telescope anymore, I can only work on this in broad daylight, and with all my efforts concentrated, and even then, I still have to squint to see what I’m doing. 


It doesn’t help at all that this pattern is one of those “just make the right front the same as the left front, but reverse the shaping” designs, which I know they [Vogue Knitting] are doing to save space and the kindly designer never, ever wrote something that lame as an instruction, but which I can’t help finding supremely annoying.  What’s worse, this pattern also has the dreaded triple AT THE SAME TIME, where you have to decrease occasionally at the waist, and occasionally at the neckline, and occasionally at the armhole, all at different intervals, and you just have to keep all that in your head, while figuring simultaneously that knit means purl and WS is RS and left is right, or at least you have to draw out a bunch of diagrams that look like Bugs Bunny’s plans for building a time machine.  This black cardigan is somehow both deadly boring and also crazy-making, which is my least favorite kind of project.  But it’ll look great when I wear it, so I persevere.  I am no good at following a pattern, because really, I just think it’s so much easier to make up something as I go, and it’s a lot more fun, too.  Memo for next time.