Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cowl Bag Pillow


Amidst all the knitting going on around here, I just felt like crocheting something, so the other day I made this cowl (pattern recipe by the always-inspiring Vanessa) while the doctor and I binge-watched the last season of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix.  (No spoilers, ya’ll.) This is all scraps and leftovers—the bright yellow is a remnant of my turmeric hand-dyeing adventure—and I worked it on a US G hook.  This is the perfect fall palette for me right now:  gray and beige and teal and turquoise; butternut, bittersweet, and pumpkin.  Olive.  Warm and soft, but with a little pizzazz, thanks to the turmeric. 

I don’t know what it is about these column-shaped cowl things and my neck, but though I find them nearly irresistible, I always discover in the end that I can’t really wear them.  Everybody else looks so chic (Vanessa looks like Duchess Kate) but I look like I’m wearing one of those cones that keeps a dog from biting his stitches.  I might need to wait for my hair to get a little longer, because right now it just looks like a big pompom on top of a birthday party hat.  (By the way, thanks so much for all the hairdo love.  You guys are so nice.  If you’ve ever tried to grow out a pixie, you know my pain.  Today, somebody said to me, “You’ve changed your hair.  Huh.  It’s…different…”  What, nothing about the black rayon bathrobe I was trying to pass off as a long jacket?  The tiny, mummified frog taxidermy I was wearing around my neck?  [It is October, after all.  I never said I was normal.]  The unpredictable curly-ness of my hair is a little maddening, and I feel like I could so easily win a Bilbo Baggins lookalike contest, but I am trying to tough it out.)  Anyway.  I digress!  The cowl! 

I love this cowl, but I might not wear it.  In fact, it looks tantalizingly like most of a satchel (add a strap, a lining, a vintage button at the top), or perhaps a pillow cover (what could be easier?  It’s the texture that’s missing from my couch!)


See?  Lovely, either way.