Thursday, March 19, 2015

Quilt squares and distraction

Log cabin quilt squares are so much fun to make. I just cut all the fabrics I want to use into 2" strips, cut out as many center blocks as my plan requires, and start sewing. I know it's time to stop making log cabin blocks when the cut out center squares are all used up--without that cue, I could just keep on going all day and night and into the next day without getting tired or bored, because they are really fun. I sort the strips into piles of light-ish and dark-ish, which, as you know, I find challenging. There are always those fabrics that fall in the middle and seem to me like they could be either light or dark, and of course you know I can't really see that distinction very well without a black and white filter, but this is a scrap quilt, so I don't really care about it that much in this case. I just think a scrap quilt looks good no matter what you do. Then I just start sewing the strips to the center block, working clockwise, and cutting off the extra length as each strip is added. It goes so fast, you could easily get this done in a day if you weren't distracted by life. (I know, good luck with that.)
Actually, I'm a little distracted about this quilt (and other projects, too) at the moment, because:


There's a new friend here in the cozy things cottage. This is GoGo. Oh my goodness, that new dog smell. She smells like clean laundry and new mown hay and sunbeams. Her pink lips! Her transparent ears! She fell asleep underneath the table and I almost finished the quilt squares, but then there was a wet nose against my foot and that was just it. She is utterly delectable.