Monday, March 23, 2015

Quilt top and dog

Scrap quilts never fail me. I get such a kick out of so many things about them--the economy of using the smallest pieces of fabric I can, and the way the colors blend together as you step back, then reassert themselves as you peer closely. The re-appearance of leftover scraps from earlier projects; hey, I remember that skirt/those curtains/that dress. This is the finished top, still un-sandwiched and unquilted, and hanging in the kitchen doorway with the light glowing through it. It pleases me so much, how that looks. There are a million two-inch strips leftover, too, so another quilt is probably hot on the heels of this one, maybe one with even less of a plan than this. Alicia has begun work on one that inspires. I'm in search now of a wool batting and a good, soft backing fabric. The backing never used to be a big deal--I think I just used the cheapest available muslin on my first twenty or so quilts (even if the top was mainly dark, which gives me the yarghs now) because, you know, it's the back. Who's going to see it, right? Well, I am. So now the search for the back fabric is a thing, and it has to be soft, too, I suppose because I'm getting to be a princess and everything has to be just so. Anyway, the back of a quilt is a huge canvas, just like the front, so it deserves some attention. Sometimes I piece the back a little bit, too, just to make things interesting, but it has to be sooooft. I have so many demands. I can't wait to start quilting this, using my usual huge utility stitches. Maybe sitting outside, with my little dog beside my chair, sleeping in the grass. This dog, honestly. She is so great, I can't even believe it. She's walking me half to death, which I obviously need after a long miserable winter of sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself, and she naps and plays and works and cocks one ear at me. She took two squeaky toys completely apart in twenty minutes yesterday. She sneaks onto the furniture ve-e-e-r-r-y slo-o-o-wly, just in case that will work. She gave the Sad Eyes treatment to the barista at Starbucks on Saturday and earned herself a free cup of whipped cream. We're all in love.
Look at those lips. Kisskisskiss.