Monday, May 18, 2015

I'm doing this instead

I was actually scheduled to spend Saturday marching in a parade while wearing a giant blue owl costume.

The costume has a battery-operated fan in the head, for ventilation. It also comes with a vest full of ice packs and a set of removable wings. You wear big yellow feet, and view your surroundings through a mesh hole in the beak. You wave your wings, blindly hug children you can't really see, and mentally sing I've Got the Power so you can get the dance moves right.
It usually rains.
Your place in the parade lineup is somewhere behind the horses.
All that sounded like fun, and I was ready to go until a week ago when Ethel called and said, "Can you come with me to Martha's Vineyard?"
Umm, let me think...

Yes. Yes, I can.