Thursday, September 24, 2015

On the needles, and the Big 2-5


This is on the needles--a stripes in every color pullover, inspired by Kate Davies' Milano, from the pattern and yarn by Carol Sunday. I am using mostly KnitPicks Palette, and all questionable color choices are my own. In fact, I have already ripped this out, back to the beginning, and started over, taking out anything that seems like a primary color and throwing it far away from me. It turns out I really hate the primaries and can't abide them, even when they belong there. It's better this way--I think--maybe best not to look at it too much. I don't know if I can envision wearing it, but it really is so awfully much fun to work on. And so it goes, in plain stockinette, with a semi-interesting striping pattern, which is kind of perfect for knitting without looking while binge-watching Gilmore Girls and/or reading Mutiny on the Bounty--the only book in the library with a broken-enough spine that it would stay open on the table without my having to hold it.


Also, there's this [see the accidentally matching coffee mug?] an I-don't-know-what-to-call-it-yet pullover, inspired by the kindly and amazing yarn artist Jill Draper, who I met at the Finger Lakes Fiber Fair last weekend and who made my brain start whirling with colorful ideas. More on this later. And more, too, on the yarn I scored, mercy me. Superlatives fail. I'll say this--handspun Shetland. Okay, now you can enjoy the delicious anticipation.

We had a Big Event here at chez CozyThings--the doc and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, and among other things had an eye-opening time looking back at the old photos. Just when you think you haven't changed that much...



Of course, I think he looks handsomer than ever, and he's wise and patient and good and kind and funny and unfailingly cheerful. He's sarcastic, a softie for a 25-cent lemonade stand, an excellent teammate and my constant companion. I am, without a doubt, a complete handful, and honestly, a lesser man would have fled. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

I really love that guy.