Thursday, March 24, 2016



Swiftly on the heels of knitting small yarn with small needles came this; a speedy little cardigan in worsted weight on biggish (US 8) needles. It was done in a big hurry. This was kind of a palate-cleanse, if you know what I mean. Something plain and fast and already sussed out by somebody else. Just let me knit something easy. It was calming. Just what I was looking for. The pattern is here.

This yarn (I'm pretty sure it's Cascade 220 in some kind of Hershey Bar colorway--the labels are, of course, long gone) had already been knit into most of two other sweaters, and then unraveled again when I realized I didn't like either of them, and I actually wasn't sure I liked the yarn anyway, but there it was in the stash when I decided I wanted a small brown cardigan (to go with a dress I haven't made yet) and it's chocolatey-goodness seems just right for right now. It goes with a lot of my stuff. Which must be why I bought it to begin with.


I'm on a big sweater-knitting jag right now [thank you all, by the way, for your lovely comments last week--the Shelter, colorway "Hayloft", is going to be a Levenwick by Gudrun Johnston, and I totally rushed to finish this little cardigan so I could get started on that. It should be done in a jiffy, too--nothing but sleeves and button bands still left to knit!]

So many sweaters (that word, ugh) stacking up like cordwood has meant I've had to donate a some things, including some handknits, to make room in the closet. Manu (knit in the wrong yarn and, let's face it, gum-colored) and Marilyn (really too big for me) went in the bag and will hopefully make somebody else happy. Something deep inside me would love to KonMari this whole place and get rid of stuff so I could live an ascetic life of tea leaves and minimalism, but it just isn't my way. All the other somethings inside me would hate it. I am a collector, of yarn and clothes and folk art and bones and other oddities, and I like me. But there is limited space in the closet, and if I want to keep making things, I have to keep making room.

It's not that hard to give these things up, I find. Making them is most of the fun, and then if they never get worn, it's okay to say goodbye. There are so many things I still want to make! Onward.