Thursday, June 23, 2016

Alpaca for a summer day


Apparently, while I was away having an open mouthed love affair, complete with happy sobbing, with San Francisco, summer came and went here in my neighborhood. It was hotter than a mummy's tomb for about a day and a half, and that was it, and now it's chilly again. Hi, New York! I'm trying so hard to love you! Don't make it such a project! Which means I can wear this alpaca sweater I thought I was folding neatly and tucking away for some time maybe in October.

This is Friday Anew by Ankestrike, knitted in Berocco Ultra Alpaca Light, in the beautifully named colorway "Moonshadow"--there's your ear worm for the day, Cat Stevens fans--I can't even tell you what a pleasure it was to have that lovely soft yarn in my lap and on my needles, and now on my goosebumply body, too, in this freezing and fall-like summer we're having. It's the best sort of cozy sweatshirt I ever had. This pattern starts at the neck hole and makes you use your brain really hard for the first few inches, but then the sleeves and body are plain and soothing and go on forever, which is great fun for me. So much more to come from me with this designer.

It's got a few simple details, and a really excellent fit. Perfect. But I don't want to wear this anymore right now! Come on, summer, let's get it together.