Friday, September 16, 2016

All The Colors





There is so much color on my worktable right now. There are lots of gray things, and other neutral things, too, to be sure, but they aren't as interesting to me at the moment. I'm taking a class in appliqué at my local quilt shop--this is big for me, because I am very proudly self-taught in almost all the needle-ish arts, but there are eighty jillion different appliqué methods, and it is so confusing to me, so I signed up. Man, it's fun! As you know, I really love handwork--the workbasket beside the comfy chair, stocked with all the small, lovely tools needed, and a long-term project in there, on the go all the time, something to keep a lady entertained until who knows when. I honestly love that, so much. This class is teaching the technique where you iron the freezer paper templates to the wrong side of the fabric, trim to 1/8" seam allowance (ohmygoodness, that's so small) and then press the extremely small seam allowance using liquid starch and a teensy specialty iron. Well, I love tools. I could not wait to go pick out a lovely teeny iron with a turned wood handle, and Doc helped me craft an equally teeny tabletop ironing board with a chunk of wood, ironing board cover fabric (that's what it's called, I asked...) and a piece of gingham. No hopping up every three seconds to iron something, and no burning my fingertips with the huge standard iron. Oh, I love my Doc. My little liquid starch pot came home with me from Amsterdam, where I bought it directly from the potter himself, who made it to match a paint pot used by Rembrandt. Stuff like that. Stuff like that will make me go bonkers for a project. Also, the fabrics! Some Denyse Schmidt, some Anna Maria Horner, some thrifted. Scraps. Yes, this is keeping me very entertained. And of course I am also knitting, a wild pair of striped socks using yarns gifted to me by my dear Hilde, because I have to have something to do after dark, and because colorful stripes are endlessly interesting. I am having so much fun. And tomorrow is the Fiber Fair! I feel like it's Christmas Eve.