Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My new Not Rhinebeck Sweater

From the Keeping It Real Department: along with [messy! Yuck!] Catdog-related vet visits for reasons which shall remain on the downlow but which--and I assure you she is absolutely fine--are GROSS, and also along with a whole huge lot of travel hither and yon on the schedule for the always welcome purpose of taking care of and loving on all of my dear ones who have scattered themselves across this wide land, I will not be going to Rhinebeck. Oh, Rhinebeck, you elusive siren, with your maple cotton candy and your Artichoke French...sob... Not that I had any actual Rhinebeck plans for this year (2017! Watch me!) but it always seems kind of a wistfully possible possibility, and how I long for all the full-on fall conviviality of meeting other knitters and sniffing some sheep and knitting a proper Rhinebeck Sweater, and all that. Well, I can't go this year, but as usual I am knitting like the wind anyway, so this one here is the latest to drop from the needles. I know, it is gray. (And black! But still gray, which is the same thing. I guess I really don't want to branch out into the rest of the rainbow. Know thyself.)

I started a whole big pile of things all in one rainy weekend back in August, and now a whole big pile of things is getting finished, which seems to be how it works. (That also gives me the feeling that I should cast on All The Things. So many ideas...)

This pretty little gray and black pullover is Ikemura by Laura Chau, knit by me in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light, colors "Moonshadow" and "Pitch Black". I ran short of the black and had to stretch the contrast section of the cuffs longer than the designer intended, but I still think it looks great--the color change hit me right at the elbows, which still works well, I think. That yarn is so soft in the hands, and such a pleasure on the needles. Fuzzy, wooly, heathery, and comfy. Hashtag heart eyes.

As you know, I did go to my very wonderful local fiber fair, where--listen to this--I was spotted by the supremely cool Jill Draper, who recognized me, remembered my name, and was just kind of generally overflowing with style and kindness (day=made) and where I scored a bunch of great yarn (Jill's and more), a huge chocolate chip cookie, and a handmade nostepinne. It was fantastic. The lens cover on my camera, though, would not open at all, so there are no photos of men in kilts, nor smiling alpacas, nor porny close ups of hand-dyed Rambouillet. I feel okay about it because I was so busy gaping at yarn and sniffing the fleeces that I didn't really care about anything else. I may have bought a fleece. Big Project, coming up.