Thursday, October 6, 2016

Seashell Pink


It feels so great to finish something, and to finally find something for this yarn to be. This pullover languished in my workbasket for so long, and it languished before that in the form of a wrap I decided I didn't really want, and it languished before that as a complicated garment that I was never, ever going to wear, and before that as an unnecessarily fussy project that I was never going to finish. This pink yarn (Berroco Vintage DK #2110) is the best color in the world, though, soft and seashelly. It was in my stash a long time, too, before I even set off on the lengthy quest to find just the right project for it. There was a pullover already in my closet that I wear so often that I'm afraid people will start thinking I don't have any other clothes. It just fits so perfectly, and it works with every single other thing in my wardrobe. I live in fear that some kind of laundry disaster or spaghetti catastrophe will befall it. So, armed with the perfect pink yarn and a measuring tape, I set out to replicate it. I got bogged down for awhile by other projects (there are so many things to make! I can't stop starting them! You all know how it is.) but when the cool breath of air that is the beginning of Fall arrived on my doorstep, I got motivated again.

We went on a long road trip last week, and I had only the sleeves and collar to finish. It rained, of course, because it always rains on a road trip, and I worked happily on it, tucked up warm in the passenger seat with the Beatles playing on a long loop (have you seen the new documentary about the Beatles? Oh mah gah. See it.) and Catdog curled up like the half-mouse she probably is on a quilt in the back seat. Hot coffee in the cup holder, steaming up the windshield. There is nothing whatsoever to mind about a long trip, because coffee, the Beatles, cuddled up with Catdog and knitting is exactly what I'd have been doing at home, too. And just like that, it was finished.

The top-down make it up as you go method is honestly my favorite way to do things. There are many beautiful patterns out there, and I have an enormous queue at Ravelry to reflect my enthusiasm for them, but I really do get the best results by just doing it this way:

Measure, either myself or a garment from my closet that fits the way I want the new garment to fit. Knit a swatch, do a little bit of elementary school math, and then just knit it. Measure and keep measuring as I go. Try it on when possible. Be ready to unravel when necessary and try again. That, my friends, is all there is to it.