Thursday, November 17, 2016

Quiet Season

  My neighbor the farmer is turning his field today.  He drives his tractor across the turf, back and forth, in both directions and then diagonally.  He will harrow it too, leaving the field clean and orderly, and ready.  Apart from that, the rumble of the tractor, the neighborhood is quiet these days. 
Catdog sprawls in front of the fire, grumbling little moans of contentment every now and then, and sighing in her sleep.  Sometimes I lie down there with her, because she's got the right idea; it's so warm there, so cozy.  She sniffles her way into my hair, licks my ear.  If she sees the camera, she gives it the side-eye--she's a little bit wary of being photographed.  What a perfect celebrity.    
There are so many projects right now.  Four sweaters, a hat, Alicia's beautiful new winter sampler (would you believe I already had everything for that project in my stash?  Oh my goodness, I have a LOT of stitching supplies, yes indeedy.)  
I spent a couple minutes making this, too, the other day.  It's about 1" x 1", two little pieces of felt cut out and whipstiched together, with a shredded up cotton ball stuffed inside.  I sewed a pin back to it and put it on, and I hope it shows how I feel.  I love you.  
Yes, you.