Monday, April 3, 2017


Happy Monday, friends!  Spring has arrived here in my Western New York neighborhood, and that, up there, is what spring looks like.  Densely cloudy, damp, and turbulent.  Windy.  Still pretty cold.  There is not much green yet, but when it comes, it comes all of a sudden--I notice the trees along the roadside have got leaves, and it totally seems like they didn't have any yesterday...that'll be soon.  Not yet, but I love that moment, my moment of sudden noticing.  So, early spring looks a lot like late winter, doesn't it?  I have a really foolproof way to tell the difference, are you ready?  This is how I know it's spring:  when we go to Starbucks now, I order an ICED coffee.  Yup.  Also, it is April.  I have strong feelings about this.  
Worn reluctantly with a turtleneck (brr, see above) is Camaro, designed by Tanis Lavallee of Tanis Fiber Arts.  I could hardly keep my hands off this project.  Everything else went away for awhile.  I used scraps and stash yarns for this, and I had just enough of that chocolate brown to finish.  When I say "just enough", I mean just enough.  JUST.  
There were eleven inches of yarn left after the last bind off.  Life on the edge!  I had about 2.5 skeins of it, the leftovers from my Ramona cardigan, knit last year and then given away when it stopped fitting me.  I weighed what was left of the brown (I think it might be Cascade 220?) in my kitchen scale and did some math to make sure it would make it to the end while still giving me enough length in the body.  I am a lot more flexible when it comes to sleeve length, but I can't handle a short sweater.  I'm 49 years old, and my belly-baring days are behind me.  I had the rapidly diminishing yarn ball in the tray of the scale beside me as I tried to outpace the shrinking yardage, and hectically confirmed that there would be enough to reach the finish line, over and over again.  I panicked a couple times, and was positive the scale was lying to me.  Recall, these are leftovers.  There wasn't any room for running out.  I think coming in with eleven inches to spare is pretty much solid gold on the math, or at least it would have been if not for this:
Accidental wrong color stripe!  Signature move!  As always, I didn't notice that until it was already in place, which is what comes from knitting in the evenings and also from having 49 year-old eyesight.  A little ball of some OTHER brown yarn had at some point snuck its way into the bag of chocolate probably-Cascade 220 leftovers.  I assume.  I don't even know how that happens.  
Well, without it I would've run out of yarn.  Also, this is a striped sweater.  For goodness' sake, though.  
Camaro has a very clever construction in the striped yoke section, which makes it fun/fascinating/stressful to make--I realized midway how much I rely on experience to know whether something in progress is apt to fit me or not.  Holding this thing up and looking at it wasn't giving me any of that information, and eventually, worried that I was ruining my wrists for something that might not only run out of yarn before it was finished but also would not fit, I put all the working parts on spare yarn and wet blocked it so I could measure. 
This made me feel better.  Also, it matched my Caravan Boots, which I made in 2012, so it was pretty clear that I haven't changed all that much since then.  Yarns used are (from top): Patons Classic "Peacock", Cascade 220 "Turquoise", Plymouth Galway "Light Blue", Patons Classic, hand dyed by me with goldenrod, Universal Yarn Renew Wool "Straw", Rowan Pure Wool Worsted "warm red", Ella Rae Classic mystery color, geranium-ish, Patons Classic hand dyed by me with black beans, and the most-likely-Cascade 220, chocolate-ish.  I used worsted weight yarn, instead of the DK weight called for in the pattern, so I knit two sizes down in hopes of getting a good fit, and it worked well.  I think this sweater is cute as heck, and I'm hoping to wear it soon, without the turtleneck underneath.