Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Planning for the future

I have got the madness for colorwork right now.  Finally, finally, I feel somewhat adept at managing two colors—one in each hand—and while it’ll probably never be as fluid as knitting plain stockinette from my natural side, it feels like a big accomplishment to get comfortable with being a switch hitter.

This is my Aamu, designed by Isabell Kraemer.  Goodness, isn’t her style just so good?  It’s all just so wearable, and so comfy looking.  I can imagine having a whole wardrobe of handknits, just made from her designs, and being happy.  I knit this in Knit Picks Palette “Finley Heather”, which is a beautiful pearly gray, the very best color ever.  The yoke contrast colors—and I tried to replicate Isabell’s color choices—are a combination of yarns from my stash, in pale pink, burnt orange, yellow, and bittersweet. There’s some Holst Supersoft, some Elemental Affects, and some more Palette in there.  I have accumulated quite a stash of Palette.  You guys, that is such a nice yarn.

It occurs to me that I knit for the future, in all seasons.  Which means I can never wear what I’ve made right away.  I don’t know why I do this, but last winter I made so many 3/4 sleeve superwash fingering weight hardly-a-sweater sweaters, and now that it is properly hot in my neighborhood, I keep choosing the wooliest projects I can imagine.  A fine-gauge wool turtleneck is just the sort of thing I dearly love, to knit it right now, and to wear it when the leaves start to turn.  I’m starting to think about Rhinebeck now—what to wear?  I’ll have such a good time figuring that out!